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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Product Development Division

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Source: ACRI
Date: 2017/12/06


  Product Development Division develops plant protective materials that are environmentally friendly in aim to substitute conventional pesticides. These environmentally friendly materials are non- or low-toxic biopesticides and chemical materials, including microbials with insecticidal, fungicidal, herbicidal, and multi-functions and safe pesticide formulations.

  The division has successfully developed several indigenous microbial products, including Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki and Bt aizawai which are insecticidal, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens with multiple functions, entomogenous fungi, and microbial herbicides. Several male insect attractants are also developed into semiochemical products. In addition, the division has also established several quality control techniques and physicochemical test systems that comply with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). These developments received domestic and foreign patents as well as authorization rights on product production and quality control techniques.

  To ensure the effectiveness of these developed materials and to apply them under safe and economic conditions, safe materials application techniques in integrated pest management (IPM) are also included in our studies, providing various effective materials to extend the usage of safety materials in fields.

Developing of Pesticide with Low Toxic Formulation and Pilot-scale Production

Development of rain fasten resistance pesticide of molluscs against washing ouyt (right) and its application (left)Developing of safe nematocide formulation (left), second juvenile and egg (right)Developing of various safe pesticide formulation products (left picture) Production of granule product by fluid-bed spray granulator. Well-prepared pilot scale equipments for increasing development of pesticide products (right picture)

Development and Application of Microbial Pesticides

Screening of new Bacillus thuningiensis isolates (left picture) Field test of Bacillus thuringiensis (right picture)Screening of entomogenous fungi (left picture) Development of lndigenous fungi on weed control (right picture)Development of Streptomyces sp. on weed controlScreening antagonistic microorganisms of plant pathogens from Taiwan (the above picture) Biological control of plant pathogens using microbial antagonists of Bacillus spp. and Trichoderma spp. were conducted by pot experiments in green house and in post harvest fruits. (the following picture)

Development and Application of Microbial Pesticides

Development and Application of Microbial Pesticides

Development of Low-toxic Pesticide Ingredients

Target Site Chemistry (the above picture) Development of synergistic compounds through the study of chemical structure-activity relationship  (the following picture)

Development of Low-toxic Pesticide Ingredients

Development of Low-toxic Pesticide Ingredients

Development and Application of Bioactive Ingredients 

Development of the bioactive ingredients from extracts of plant and microbial agents:control, microbe 1, microbe 2, microbe 3

Development and Application of Semiochemicals

Lures of insect sex pheromore (the above picture) Mass trapping of insect pests with sex pheromone (the following picture)

Physical-chemical Tests Complied with GLP Condition

Viscosity Testing (picture 1) Flash point testing (picture 2) Explosive Properties-Friction test (picture 3) Corrosion Testing of Metals (according to ASTM G31) (picture 4)

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