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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Pesticide Application Division

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Date: 2022/11/24


  The main tasks of Pesticide Application Division are (i) to investigate the norm of pesticide rational usage in fields, (ii) to study the efficacy and toxicity of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, and (iii) to improve pest control measures to establish integrated pest control strategies. The division has four laboratories for the following studies: herbicides and their efficacy and toxicology, toxicity and resistance of pesticides (fungicides, insecticides, and acaricides), integrated pest management,detection and monitoring of plant pests. The works of these laboratories are as follows:

1. Technology development in rational pesticide usage:

 (i) Toxicity studies of pesticides to plant pathogens, insect pests, mites and weeds as well as to
  beneficial organisms such as honey bees, natural enemies of pests and biocontrol microbes.

 (ii)Pesticide resistance studies including surveillance of resistance populations in fields and
  establishment of their information system.

 (iii)Combination of chemical and non-chemical control measures to establish integrated pest
   management strategy for the development of safe and rational pesticide usage.

2. Detection and monitoring of key pests on crops:

 To develop detection and monitoring methods of key plant pests in fields such as Pierce's disease of
 grapes and its  insect vectors, thrips transmitted tomato potted wilt virus, and density surveillance of
 oriental fruit fly.

3. Risk assessment of exotic plant species:

 To monitor the distribution of exotic plant species and to assess the risk of invasive plant species in
 Taiwan, including their surveillance, harmful effect, and ecology study.

4. Phytotoxicology:

 To assess pesticide damage to plants and construct its information databases, such as toxicity
 assessment of surfactants to plants and internet inquiry system of herbicide damage database.

Monitoring of Insect-born Plant Diseases and Insect Vectors

Kolla paulula and Poophilus costalis (the above picture) Monitoring of thrips and whitefly-transmitted plant viruses(the following picture)

Monitoring of Cropland Weeds and Invasive Plant Species1

Monitoring of Cropland Weeds and Invasive Plant Species

Pesticide Resistance and its Management

Pesticide Resistance and its Management

Pesticides Toxicity on Pests

Pesticides Toxicity on Pests

Phytotoxicity Research

Phytotoxicity Research

Rational and Safe Use of Pesticides

Rational and Safe Use of Pesticides

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