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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Physical and Chemical Properties Testing Services

Hit: 3570
Source: ACRI
Date: 2023/07/26
Physical and chemical properties Test guidelines CIPAC OECD Dir 92/69/EEC OCSPP Series 830
Color       6302
Physical state       6303
>Odor       6304
pH MT75     7000
Melting point MT2 102 A.1 7200
Density or Specific gravity Density or Specific gravity MT3 109   7300
Relative density     A.3
Bulk density MT33
Viscosity MT22
114   7100
Flammability Flammability(solids)     A.10 6315
Flash point MT12   A.9
Explodability     A.14 6316
Corrosive characteristics       6320
Storage stability MT46     6317

CIPAC, The Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council.

OECD, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.

OCSPP, The Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.


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