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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Technical Service Division

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Date: 2023/08/03

Technical Service Division Outlook


The Technical Service Division works in integrating the research findings in ACRI, updates the newest information regarding pesticide and toxic substances to assist in governmental policy making, provides consultation for local farmers and other research/extension institutes, and provide review services in pesticide registration. In terms of integrating and extending research findings, the division is responsible for publishing annual reports, newsletters and handbooks, producing extension and educational videos, providing a library information service, and arranging training programs for local farmers, extension workers, and pesticide retailers. The division also accumulates and manages information regarding registered pesticides and pest controls in Taiwan, pesticide registration reviews, education and trainings, and library information. The information are managed in pesticide and plant protection system, pesticide labeling information system, pesticide registration review portal, and automatic library management system. In terms of web-based management systems, intranet is established to provide automate administrative work and digital library within ACRI whereas internet information through the World Wide Web (WWW) can provide information and a consultation portal to the public. The division is also responsible for assisting in the establishment of information system for other divisions. In addition, the division constantly works to improve the current management system through integrating and intensifying information systems, pursuing more efficient pesticide registration portal service, and continuing improvement in the provided training programs.


The missions of the Technical Service Division(hereafter referred to as the division or we) are to combine the research results of Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute (hereafter referred to as ACRI), collect the latest information of pesticides and poisons to support consultant policy making, and offer consultation service to other research and promotion organizations. As the single window of pesticide registration is also one of our main duties.

Jobs of the division in organizing research results and disseminating knowledge include the following: promotional publications compilation and publishing, promotional videos producing, library information service, as well as conducting trainings for practitioners in the pesticide industry, farmers, and academics.

Jobs of the division in collecting information and establishing information systems include the follows: registering pesticides produced in Taiwan and the information of pest control, reviewing pesticide information, collecting information of training resources and periodicals, setting up the pesticide and plant protection information system, pesticide label query and management system, one-stop review system for pesticide registrations, and library automatic system, etc.

Jobs of the division in planning and managing information system, we set up a local area network for the institute and equipped it with outbound Internet access, offer automated office and electronic library environment, and open up the website and inquiry service channel with the WWW site. Furthermore, we assist the organizations inside and outside of ACRI to plan and build related information system.

Our future works mainly include: Enhancing information systems and combining the systems, offering a more efficient one-stop pesticide registration service, and updating trainings on using pesticides safely.

Focus of our works

One-stop pesticide registration

Information system design and management

Data collection and system setup

Human resource development, promotion and dissemination

Technology planning management and R&D results application

Library management and interlibrary cooperation


Pesticide chemistry, plant protection, information science, niche communication

Key achievements

Pesticide and application registration information system

To coordinate with single window service policy, we have completed the pesticide information system and pesticide application registration progress inquiry system by outsourcing since 2006. Besides supporting the single window review of pesticide registration, we also collect the information of the pesticides approved and announced by the competent authorities since 1974 for inquiry online as reference; the open network is often needed information system for pesticide practitioners and pesticide companies. In order to effectively manage a large number of documents, effectively preserve documents in a long term, save storage space, and enable multiple members of the internal review committee to access application documents for pesticide registration at the same time, the “Pesticide Document Image Management System” was established in 2001, date back the pesticide registration documents from 1975 to date by scanning and filing. In addition, we provide online access to the latest plant protection information by collecting the latest announcement of the pesticides and new applicable crops from Ministry of Agriculture on the Institute website.

In order to cooperate with the pesticide management of the agricultural administration unit, inspection and operation of pesticide registration management before the pesticide is listed, ACRI is as the single acceptance window by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. Therefore, ACRI collects the physical and chemical properties of pesticide, information on acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, genetic variability, metabolism of animals and plants, transformation in the environment, toxicity to non-target organisms

The division and the experts in ACRI form a review team to conduct more than 500 written reviews of the applications for pesticide registration each year, and to keep records of these applications. In addition to establishing a review system for internal use, we also provide an external application inquiry system for pesticide industry to check the application progress status and submit additional documents.

Related reports of applying on market sales registrant pesticide (and review) are a huge amount of data, occupy a lot of space and hard to manage. We developed auto-scan technology to preserve massive written information and, scan existing pesticide licenses and registration data as images system, and provide a limited query to the registered pesticide reviewers in ACRI.

We are responsible for editing and publishing The Plant Protection Manual, which is printed in a limited number of copies. Therefore, in 2001, the manual was re-arranged into e-books in the form of web pages with the subtopics of diseases, pests, weed control, growth regulation, all organized under the themes of rice, crops, vegetables, orchards so that readers could review the subtopics of their request quickly. The e-book text search is suitable for the use by farmers and those tasked with disseminating knowledge about plant protection. However, plant managers, scholars and other special-purpose users may have different combinations of query criteria to specify when using the manual. Therefore, the "Plant Protection Information System" was further accomplished outsourcing developed in 2007 to provide more flexible advanced query function. In addition, due to the extension of the use of the system, usage of pesticides for many crops and pests are recommended in a group-based manner. However, "Plant Protection Information System" is difficult to find a variety of grouping by full-text search method, so the system search function was revised at the end of 2014, enhanced the search condition to a single search bar.

Pesticide Labeling Management System

In 2003, we accomplished outsourcing developed the “Pesticide Labeling Inquiry System” for commercial pesticide labeling for sale on the market. The pesticide labels are scanned to establish an image database to provide users with online query applications. This system is very helpful for the competent authorities to check fake and inferior pesticides and to protect the rights of industry and farmers. Mobile version of Pesticide Labeling Inquiry System had been developed in 2011 to facilitate the operation of mobile devices, and the Android app version in 2016 was developed and launched on the Google Play Store, featuring a new and convenient query user interface. However, the APP version was removed from the market in 2018 due to the requirements of the “Executive Yuan’s and its subsidiaries’ guidelines on mobile service development”.

Establishing Information Systems

Information System Planning and Management

Integrating and Extending the Application of Research Findings

Intellectual property management and investigation

Science and Technology Program investigation and objectives of management

Press Conference of Research Findings

Research and development achievement award 「Taiwan Brand」

Transfer of research techbologies

Library Management and Publishing

Review Service for Pesticide Registration

Training and Extension

Production of teaching materials for e-learning program

Guests visit

Training program on the safe use of pesticides

Practice of making sex pheromone traps

Pesticide safety education and practice

Pesticide application techniques and practice

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