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Privacy Policy

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Date: 2023/07/31

Dear online users,
You are welcome to visit the website of “Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture”! In order to respect and protect your safety as well as privacy while using the internet, our website has specially stipulated the privacy and information security policy declaration. This is to assist you in learning how our website protects your safety when you access the various services, as well as how to collect, apply and protect the personal information provided by you. Please read the following explanations carefully: 

1. Scope
The collection, application and protection of personal information involved when using the services of this website.

2. Collection and Application of Personal Information
For website browsing and file-download action on this website, our website will not collect any personal-related identification data.
When using the Service Mailbox service provided by the website, we will ask you to provide personal data including name and e-mail, and will automatically record the origin of your IP address.
This website will record data including user’s online duration as well as pages browsed within the website; the data are provided for statistical analysis of our website’s report analysis system to conduct website flow rate and network behavior investigation, so as to enhance the service quality of our website; analysis will not be conducted on individual users.

3. Information and Network Security
As for the management aspect of our website, the network flow rate is monitored using facilities including a firewall, intrusion detection and prevention system, bandwidth controller in order to prevent unauthorized attempt of executing changes to the website data, or illegal intrusion, deliberate damage and data theft, thereby avoiding the website being used illegally, and ensuring the user’s rights.
The website server and network gateway are installed with antivirus software, which is capable of eliminating a range of viruses and bugs, so as to offer the users with a safe web browsing environment. Moreover, the automatic Windows Update system ensures the proper protection for the strengthening of system safety.

4. Policy for Handling Personal Data
After collecting your problems and personal data, the Service Mailbox on this website will reply to you via sending e-mail. The applicable replying content will then be put together on the “FAQ” for general online users’ reference. The content will be restricted to data related to questions and answers; the personal data you provided will not be open to the public. Our website will never sell, nor exchange or rent out any of your personal data to other groups, individuals or private enterprises.

5. Consulting Services
If you have any query towards the privacy and information security policy declaration of our website, you are welcome to leave messages or advice in the “Service Mailbox”.

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