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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Source: ACRI
Date: 2023/07/31

ACRI is responsible for pesticide research and development, the monitor of pesticide residues and toxic substances in agricultural products, plant protection technology development, pesticide technical services, and the establishment of analytical methods and evaluation standards to ensure pesticide rational usage and the safety of agricultural products.

The aims of ACRI are as following:

1. Provide pesticide regulatory authorities with technical support in pesticide management, registration, and quality regulation.

2. Support industry regulatory authorities in monitoring agricultural products and aquatic products for food safety and ensure the functionality of monitoring system as well as provide technical advices.

3. Improve production technologies of plant protective products to improve pesticide quality, develop pesticide formulations to pursue lower production cost, and strengthen the pesticide safety evaluation.

4. Develop novel plant protection methods for safe, economic and rational usage in pesticides application.

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