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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Applied Toxicology Division

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Date: 2023/08/03


  The Division studies and evaluates the effect of pesticides and toxic substances on human health, animal health, and the environment. To facilitate in pesticide regulation and plant protection for ensuring safe and rational pesticide usage, the division performs risk assessment on pesticides and toxic substances as well as strategic analysis on risk management, development of safety assessment test techniques, and its regulatory quality standards.

  In 1996, the division established a specific pathogen-free (SPF) animal house to support animal toxicological testing. In March 2010, the accreditation of GLP Laboratory was obtained in testing of animal toxicology, mutagenicity, aquatic and terrestrial environmental toxicology, and rodenticide. The GLP laboratories support pesticide companies in toxicology testing required for pesticide registration.  Testing and diagnose techniques of necropsy method, histopathological examination, processing of tissues and specimens, and light/electron microscopy photography are developed to provide evidence for toxicity or clinical signs. Mode of action of toxic substances is investigated and its effect to endocrine and hormones are studied to evaluate its potential hazards on humans. Furthermore, the division works in rodenticide testing for rodent prevention and control, risk assessment for gene-modified crops and pathogen contamination on agricultural products, development of microbial origin herbicide and its safety evaluation, setting reference dose value (RfD, also known as acceptable daily intake (ADI)) for the establishment of maximum residue limits (MRLs) and pre-harvest intervals (PHIs).

Acute Toxicity Test

Acute toxicity and pathogenicity (Left picture) Acute oral toxicity test (Right picture) Acute dermal toxicity test (Left picture) Clinical symptoms observation (Right picture) Acute inhalation toxicity test (Left picture) Acute eye irnitation test (Middle picture) LLNA skin sensitization tset (Right picture)

Chronic Toxicity Test

Processing of Tissue Section (Left picture) Histopathological evaluation under light microscopic examination (Right picture) Histopathologic examination of reproduction organ in male rats (Left picture) Prenatal developmental test (skeletal examination) (Right picture)

Genotoxicity Test

P2 Laboratory (Left picture) Bacetrial reverse mutation test (Right picture) Rec assay (Left picture) Mouse erythrocyte micronucleus test (Right picture)

Management and Health Monitoring of SPF Animals

SPF animal house care servicesHealth monitoring of laboratory animals (microbiological monitoring)Zebrafish husbandry system (Left picture) Zebrafish (Right picture)

Commissioning Service for GLP Study

Commissioning Service for GLP Study

Non-target Organism Toxicity Test

Acute zebrafish toxicity test (Left picture) Daphnia sp. immobilisation test (Right picture)

Risk Assessment for Pesticides

Risk Assessment for Pesticides

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