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Agricultural Chemicals Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

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Main Work

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Source: ACRI
Date: 2023/07/31

The organizational structure of ACRI consists of five divisions: Residue Control Division, Applied Toxicology Division, Product Development Division, Pesticide Application Division, and Technical Service Division. Technical Service Division works to integrate research findings and provide technical information of the other four divisions. The main works of the five divisions are displayed at the attached.

Main Work

Residue Control

  • Pesticide Multr-residue Analysis
  • Field Residue Trials
  • Environmental Fate
  • Agricultural Commodities Safety

Risk Assessment

  • The study for toxicity test
  • Toxicological study for environmental organisms
  • Risk Assessment
  • The safety and efficacy study for functional agricultural products

Product Development

  • Microbial Pesticide
  • Biochemical Pesticide
  • Natural Pesticide
  • Safe Pesticide Formulation

Crop Protection

  • Technology development in rational pesticide usage
  • Plant health management
  • Risk assessment of exotic plant species
  • Phytotoxicology

Technical Service

  • Information System Management
  • Pesticide Registration Portal Service
  • Project management and Research Finding Stewardship
  • Education and Extension
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