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Top 100 Agri-Products

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Source: ACRI
Date: 2006/12/29

People now tend to choose agricultural products with fine packaging so they may serve as gifts that may be either consumed by friends or serve as souvenir items. To improve the image of Farmers' and Fishermen's Associations, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan has selected the top 100 agricultural products of Taiwan for the honor of holding an exhibition at the end of 2006. The goal is to lead our agricultural products toward the reality of being premium products and away from outmoded "local" or "special" connotation.

ch01_1.jpg The premium products of the "The New Image: 2006 Premium Products Fair of the Farmers' and Fishmen's Association" come from all farmers' associations country-wide, even from Penghu island and Kinmen island. Some associations have sent quite a few different items for competition, for example, both Tainan County and Kaohsiung County have offered 10 submissions for competition.

Mr. Huang, Min-yao, the Director-General of the Counseling Department of the Council of Agriculture says that, due to disputes over the election and the Credit Department of Farmers' Association, most people have bad impression on the Association. One of the main purposes of this Fair is to give people a new impression and feeling for the Associations, as there has been some decrease in disputes over time, and as duties have been more clearly defined and allocated among the Associations.

According to Mr. Chou Ruo-Nan, the Technical Specialist of the Counseling Department, the person who is in charge of this Fair, this is the very first premium products exhibition in Taiwan's farmers' and fishmen's societies. The Council looks forward to expanding the market of premium products, to increase the added value of the products and to be able to work with other industries.

The products in the exhibitions must be the agricultural, fishery, livestock products or processed products that take the farmers' or fishermen's association name as the brand name. A great variety of products were sent to the exhibition site, from fresh to processed, such as fruits, rice, tea, nutritional food and cosmetics, etc. The products will be evaluated based on the content, 40%; pack design, 40%; specialty, 20%. 
The rice takes the greatest percentage in the top 50 of the products selected. The rice of 7 Associations was selected. Tea was slightly less with 6 products selected for exhibition. The rice and tea of Taiwan have become famous and popular among the delicate agricultural products worldwide.

Creative and elegant pack design can not only raise the added value of the products, but also make them the leading ones in the market.

Take high quality rice as an example, the "High Quality Taiwan rice pack design competition" has been held by the Agriculture and Food Agency for 2 years. The slogan of the competition is "Quality rice at a good price, quality rice for a good gift" and there are 30 to 40 participating suppliers in it every year.

ch01_2.jpg According to Ms. Wang Chang-ying, the Chief of Food Industry Division, Agriculture & Food Agency, for point of honor, people used to purchase foreign brand cigarette and alcohol as gifts to friends. However, the delicate and high quality Taiwan agricultural products have become even more popular now, especially the ones with limited quantity. This is where the above-mentioned competition comes from.

She further points out that the winners of the competition have surprised people for the elegance and practicality of the design and the products. The winners have received quite a few purchase orders after the competition. This has led to the benefit of everyone in Taiwan.

Avon Taiwan, Wujie Hsiang Farmers' Association of Yilan County, and Sinyi Township Farmers' Association of Nantou County have formed a new alliance of different sectors. Mr. Chuang Ya-Song, the public relation manager of Avon Taiwan says that, the agricultural products of Taiwan are now having high quality and elegance;however, they need to enhance the marketing and service. For instance, Sinyi Township Farmers' Association has a strong team in product development and marketing to consolidate the resources they have and to modify their direction if needed.

Ms. Bei Lien-Ti, the professor of the Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University further states that, the society is developing as an "M" shape and the consuming trend would be extreme. Though quite a few people have worked on the development of the Taiwan agricultural products, they must be combined with the business and management concept for delicacy and popularity.

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